The Name of the Game

This animation was all created entirely in Adobe Photoshop and drawn by hand with a tablet.  Its content was inspired by the card game, Mao, which is a game of many rules – but I cannot tell you any of them.  The goal of the game is to figure out its complicated inner workings without a guide, and the only time the rules are refereed to by name is in the opening phase.

In this animation, the Speaker of the House conducts the opening phase, calling each of the rules by name.


Toby and Phillis Go Stargazing

Created entirely in Autodesk Maya, Toby and Phillis Go Stargazing details a simple interaction between two individuals in the middle of the mountains, but something more sinister may be occurring beneath the surface.  The story was based on true events – with a little exaggeration for dramatic effect.  The vocals were provided by Jake Smith and Matt Greenberg.


Other videos and animations can be found on my personal Vimeo account.