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WindowBox is a combination puzzle game and visual novel that aims to teach players about the different areas of the brain and their functions through engaging game play and a compelling narrative.  The player takes the role of Clark, a telepath, and learns through brain manipulation puzzles about the roles of the parietal, temporal and occipital lobes and what happens when brain function goes wrong.

WindowBox is a purely personal work that started as a senior capstone project for Art and Psychology.  I am in the process of constructing a demo.

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This illustrated short story was based off of a remarkably inspiring dream I had some time ago.  I sought to emulate both the clarity of vector-style images as well as the dynamics of video game cut-scenes in the illustrations.


CardBoard Creations

This project researched the effects of cardboard waste and the benefits of recycling cardboard and sought to created practical, everyday solutions using waste paperboard.  This packet describes the background of the project and provides several Do It Yourself projects that require nothing more than paperboard and a pair of scissors.


Animal Art with the Pittsburgh Zoo

I worked with the Pittsburgh Zoo in order to partner with their animals and observe them as they made art.  The Zoo was kind enough to let me work with one of their fennec foxes and a duck named Earnest.