WindowBox : Abstract

WindowBox is an exploration of both teaching and learning in a game environment.  My goal is to create a short game with a strong narrative through which a player can learn about the areas of the brain and how the brain sends and receives information.

Much of what we know about the brain comes from examining what happens when things aren’t working correctly – when there are damaged areas, missing pieces or crossed wires.  By studying how the brain works when things are not going quite as planned, we can understand how a healthy brains functions.

My game is based off of this premise.  The interface is based off of lesion studies and explores both well and poorly functioning minds.

The player takes the role of young woman who possesses the power to manipulate brains.  She can activate and inhibit different areas of the minds of those around her, and though trial and error, the player learns about the various lobes of the brain and what happens when things go wrong.

Concept Work

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Background and Character Art

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