Design Work

I have created promotional materials and logos for several projects and movements:


Stage Musicals:

In addition to my work as a lyricist and book writer for a small composing group, Ryan and Leigh Composing, I also put together all of our promotional materials.  Most of my design work revolves around our musicals:

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Promotional poster for the original musical Like Dying Things Do:


Alternative poster concept for the musical Like Dying Things Do:


Poster for the fan-musical Midnight Channel: The Musical


T-shirt design for Midnight Channel: The Musical


Commissioned Design Work:

I was commissioned to design a logo for The Conservatory Channel, a video project aimed towards sharing and teaching music.

Here were some of the preliminary designs:

conservatory channel 1

conservatory channel 4

conservatory channel 2

And here was the direction we ended up going:


And here is the final design: